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We are currently accepting queries for full-length manuscripts of poetry and short-stories. 

In honor of National Poetry Month, preorders are open for our 2018 poetry chapbooks!

The Bitter Map by Crystal Boson

Poetry Winner of the 2017 Honeysuckle Chapbook Contest

Introduced by 2017 Poetry Judge Saeed Jones

The Bitter Map is a restless arc of poems, collecting rituals, warnings, and survival stories. These poems hope to offer guidance to Black and queer folks on how to survive in hostile landscapes, and draw up religious, cultural and land memory maps to help them find a way back home. Learn in this book the ways trauma tethers itself through ancestry, the chameleon face of bigotry, the cataclysm that the elements rain down onto its most vulnerable spectators. The Bitter Map dictates a trail marked by the inescapable. Something always breathing down the neck; hot winds ushering in a storm, the humid breath of white fragility. The Bitter Map is a tale of forced migration and a collection of the necessary stories along the way. This book will lead you to the gospel in the soil, just beneath the surface.

The Bitter Map Final.png


Oracle: A Cosmology by Destiny Hemphill



Oracle: A Cosmology explores lineage and family narrative by meditating on questions of loss, haunting, resistance, and personal & communal liberation. Entangling narratives of women who have been honed by hardship, this chapbook exists as an archive of intimate kin history. In weaving these true myths, Destiny makes the familial cosmic. Exploring memory and mourning, Oracle: a Cosmology gestures towards the possibility of loss as generative and transformative, and grief as a channel to the divinity that is within. In these poems, healing is not linear, but a disruptive and sacred process. Destiny confesses, yes, i still remember how it feels to be / under the swollen tongue of a god’s gaping mouth. This cosmology is one for the people, and the people, they are ethereal.

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 Check out our sister site, Winter Tangerine, a literary magazine dedicated to evocative poetry, prose, and visual art.

Check out our sister site, Winter Tangerine, a literary magazine dedicated to evocative poetry, prose, and visual art.