Frequently asked questions



How did Honeysuckle Press begin?

Honeysuckle Press is a sister organization of Winter Tangerine, a literary magazine devoted to evocative poetry, prose, & visual art. After nearly four years of publishing vivid, socially-aware work, we decided to expand to a fully-fledged publishing house. We plan to continue to uplift writers of color, queer writers, women and nonbinary writers, trans writers, as well as writers from other culturally distinct communities. Honeysuckle Press is our way of bring the work of our contributors to an even larger audience.

Do I need to be a certain age or have an BA/MFA/PhD to submit my work or join the Honeysuckle staff?

Nope! Our team and our contributors have extremely diverse backgrounds and ages. As long as you have passion for your work, we'd love to have you involved. 

Can I apply to be on staff & submit a chapbook to the Honeysuckle Chapbook Contest?

Unfortunately, not. It's one or the other, but we think both are equally exciting!

You don't seem to have a store yet -- how can I buy your books?

We expect to publish our first set of chapbooks in the Winter of 2017. Until then, you can read Winter Tangerine for an idea of the kind of work we're interested in, and you can donate to us here.

Are you accepting full-length manuscripts? Can I send a query?

We are not currently accepting full-length manuscripts. We will begin accepting queries in 2017. 

Where can I find out more about the artwork featured on this website?

You can check out our Featured Artwork gallery here.


I have a question. How can I send it to you?

Feel free to shoot us an email at or use our Contact page to send a message through our site.